Which type of gentlemen do you meet?

I love meeting new and interesting people, a trait I feel a gentleman must have is the ability to respect a lady and treat her like a precious gem, this respect will be greatly rewarded with high levels of enthusiasm!

I am a new lover, what is your screening process?

Please send an introduction email via 'Date Me' Contact form. Following with an email of two of the following:


  • Photo ID (driving license or passport)

  • A link to your professional LinkedIn profile

  • An email from your work email address (content can be blank)

  • Two references from recent providers that I can contact for verification


Once the booking has taken place, I will delete all of our correspondence and your documentation.

What type of dates do you prefer?

I prefer longer dates such as dinner dates, overnights or weekends away, this is because I feel you get to know and create a stronger bond with each other. I will always prioritise these dates.

Although on occasion a quick date is extremely exhilarating.

I am also available for long term arrangements. Please email me for more information.

 What information do you need for our date? 

~ Full Legal name

~ Name of hotel

~ Booking confirmation number, which you would receive after booking the hotel room.

~ A contact number

~ Length of encounter

~ Room number when known

~ £100 Deposit for dates 1-4hrs, £400 Deposite for dates +4hr. This can be done Via E-gift card, Bank transfer(if you have met me before), PayPal or Smart cash ATM

Are you available for international travel outside of England?


To go ahead with this firstly I will need all the details of our date together, as stated above in the previous question. Added information should include:

-       Place of destination

-       A brief itinerary of our trip together (allows me to pack appropriate attire) 

-       Photo of Gov issued ID 

-       References from two Escorts you have previously seen

-       Work email address.

-       A 50% deposit would be needed through a PayPal account or via a different method. 

I prefer to book my flights myself, so be sure to reimburse me. This can be done in advance by E-gift card, PayPal or Smart cash ATM

What happens to my deposit if i cancel?

I understand we all have busy lives and sometimes things just don't go to plan. If you cancel our date 48 hours before the date, the deposit will be kept and used to rearrange for a second attempt. If this happens a second time, the deposit will not be returned and I will not take another booking without receiving the full rate in advance.

If the booking is canceled in less than 24 hours 50% of the booking fee should be compensated for if you wish to arrange another date.

In the rare event that I will have to cancel, I will refund you the total deposit amount and if possible rearrange a more suitable time.

When are you available?

I am pretty flexible with my availability if planned well in advance. Please note that I do not do this full time and is only to allow myself to indulge in my guilty pleasures.

I do not do same day meets.

Where would you like our date to be?

 I am happy to meet you at your 5* hotel in London.

 Incalls are less available as I will have to organise a place for us to meet. Although they are still possible, I would ask you to cover the cost of a place to meet in though.

 If you would like me to visit you outside of London travel expenses must be covered and will be for a minimum of a 6 Hour Evening and outside of the EU minimum O/N date.

What will you be wearing on our date?

I am a very well dressed young lady, I have an elegantly girly style, I will most likely turn up at your hotel in smart casual attire unless suggested otherwise.  I do love for you to make suggestions as to what you would prefer me to wear on our date. I have a huge range of lingerie and love dressing and undressing to please you.

What is your preferred method of contact? 

I am only contacted through email until our date has been confirmed and when the trust is mutual I will give you my phone number to help our date run smoothly.

The email address you can contact me on is: fleuroflondon@icloud.com


As stated before I do not do this full time so please be patient with me if I do not reply straight away. I can assure you I am worth the wait!